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Golden Performance CV-S006G

Track Listing:
J.Brahms. Sonate fur Klavier No.3 f-moll opus 5
  1. Allegro maestoso.
  2. Andante espressivo.
  3. Scherzo. Allegro energico.
    Listen to sample
  4. Intermezzo. Andante molto.
  5. Finale. Allegro moderato ma rubato.


  1. Sonate fur Klavier opus 1.

B.Bartok. Outdoors SZ81.

  1. I. With drums and pipes. Pesante.
  2. II. Barcarolla. Andante.
  3. III. Musettes. Moderato.
  4. IV. The night's music. Lento.
  5. V. The chase. Presto.


  1. Etude opus 2, No. 1.

MP3 samples:
Track 3:  Listen to sample


Cover Art:

Cover shot

Recorded: July 1996
Produced by: Masao Hagiwara.
Distributed by: COMBAK corporation (Japan).
Running time: 67'16
Catalogue No: CV-S006G(RIAA CD=CV-R006G).

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