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Review of Kreisleriana, Young musicians point to generation gap

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Young musicians point to generation gap.

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You get a different kind of coolness in Paris-based, New Zealand pianist Jeffrey Grice's readings of Schumann's Arabesque, Humoresque and Kreisleriana (Calliope digital CD CAL 9207) (72 minutes of music). Grice's phrasing is never exaggerated and while the emotional qualilies of the music are never slighted, the playing has a serenity that comes only with maturity.

There is nothing off-beat about the interpretations; there are no attempts to be singularly different; the phrasing, tempi and tone quality seem just right at every turn.

Grice is helped by superior rerording, some of the most realistic piano sound I have yet heard on CD.

Some of the tempo choices are startling at first, but they are both logically and emotionally conceived and sound just right after you have adjusted to the unexpected juxtapositions.

This is really fine Schumann playing, something we don't getoften enough these days and it is a delight to find it on a small record label from an artist unknown here.

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- Jacob Siskind in The Ottawa Citizen
June 11 1988

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